Project No. BG16RFOP002-2.024-0638-C01

In July 2019, e-Motion Life launched the project № BG16RFOP002 2.024 0638 C01 “Production and sale of electric bicycles and other vehicles with auxiliary engines” under the operational program “Innovation and Competitiveness”. The project lasts 18 months and covers the following activities: Auxiliary Engine “under the Operational Program” Innovation and Competitiveness “. The project lasts 18 months and covers the following activities:

Project information:

Contract № BG16RFOP002-2.024-0638-C01: Design, manufacture and sale of electric bicycles and other electric vehicles with auxiliary motor in “e-Motion Life” Ltd.

Beneficiary: e-Motion Life EOOD

Total budget: BGN 230,599.00, of which BGN 156,807.32 European and BGN 27,671.88 national co-financing.

Start: June 3, 2019

End: 03.12.2020


Building partnerships

e-Motion Life works together with the Municipality of Varna to promote and expand the use of commercial electric bicycles for delivery in the central urban area. The Municipality of Varna participates in the project “Freight Wheel Changing the City” (CCCB) funded by the Horizon 2020 Program. The CCCB project unites a team of 20 partners from EC countries. As part of the work on the CCCB project, the Municipality of Varna rented for one year produced by e-Motion Life 6 cargo bicycles, which it provides to Varna companies delivering in the central urban area.

e-Motion Life strives to locate in Bulgaria the production of cargo bikes and components for them. The project of the frames of cargo bicycles is adapted to the technologies of the Bulgarian company for production of aluminum bicycle frames Cyclegets, Sofia. Aluminum profiles manufactured by Alcomet, Shumen are used. The components for the cargo containers are made by the company Correct Style, Varna.